Thanks to the convenient Singapore drug approval and application systems, the technical support from America's best cancer center and our doctors’ knowledge and experiences of guiding cancer drugs, a smooth channel of overseas consulting and treatment has been built by us for the cancer patients.

Comprehensive Range of Tumor Drugs

HSA (Singapore's drug approval authorities) applies adaptive licensing mode. Therefore, many drugs approved by developed countries (including FDA) can be quickly obtained without time-consuming clinical trials. For new drugs which have not been listed in Singapore, special import will still be applied based on the patient's clinical condition. The medication can be approved in a relatively short period of time due to the simple approval procedures.

• Drug Treatment

Whether it is out of the high-standard requirements from our hospital doctors, or of the strict requirements from our technology providers, both the medication treatment plans we provide and treatments combined with other plans will follow a clear medical procedure and a standardized strict operation.

• Convenient Services

International patients can contact us directly to consult potential treatment plans. They can also be treated first in Singapore and then follow the doctors ‘recommendation to continue the treatment when bring medication back. This can reduce the inconvenience and laborious caused by long-distance travel.