Multi-Disciplinary Treatment

Relying on the convenience of the medical system in Singapore, we provide multidisciplinary treatment to help patients choose the best treatment plans.

Multidisciplinary treatment (MDT) refers to that doctors from different disciplines study a case and develop the best treatment plan for the patient based on the comprehensive interdisciplinary views.

This mode of therapy, simply speaking, is a comprehensive treatment of tumor. At present, each kind of treatment of tumor has limitations. For example, the surgical treatment can treat the malignant tumor, but cannot prevent recurrence and metastasis. Except the proton radiotherapy, the majority of radiotherapy can kill cancer cells, while also kill the normal cells, which would cause certain degree of damage to the human body, and cannot prevent tumor metastasis as well. Medical treatment, although a systemic treatment which can curb the recurrence and metastasis of the tumor in a certain extent, has some side effects. These promote the multidisciplinary treatment (MDT) to become a hot topic in the field of cancer therapy.

In the field of clinical practices, American MD Anderson Cancer Center, which is recognized as the best American Cancer Hospital, believes that the primary aim of MDT is to provide expert diagnosis and counseling, follow-up and review, and other related services for cancer patients. The patient is absolutely the focus of multidisciplinary treatment. MDT has many advantages including: centralize professional advantages, reduce patients’ time and energy, speed up the appropriate treatment and provide a variety of resources trusted by patients. As being the first hospital in Asia which has signed a long-term strategic development agreement with American MD Anderson Cancer Center, Concord Cancer Hospital Singapore (CCH) also adheres to this philosophy, overcomes the disadvantages of the single treatment, finds the appropriate treatment plan for patients as well as protects their economic interests, makes the patients get the best treatment effect in their affordable range.

Advantages: patients will get a comprehensive evaluation by the doctors from surgery, chemotherapy ​medicine, department of radiation oncology, department of Pathology, interventional radiology and radiology department before the starts of their treatment to determine whether they get preoperative radiotherapy or radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy before surgery, or surgery followed by radiotherapy or chemotherapy, or direct treatment in the operating room without transferring to other department. The continuous treatment avoids transferring from one treatment to another treatment, which will save your valuable time.

Judgment on Necessity: since MDT needs doctors' professional judgment from multiple disciplines, the cost is higher than a single treatment. Considering the actual condition of patients and their economic conditions, we suggest, professional judgment is necessary for patients and their families to consider whether to take MDT at the initial stage of treatment. If the patient agrees and requires MDT, we can provide related services.

Specific process: Through a comprehensive and detailed consultation and depending on accurate and reliable test results, the doctor will make a judgement whether it is necessary to take MDT at the initial stage of treatment. In the meantime, we will submit the final reference suggestion after taking patients’ own need into account.