Our Doctor Team
Concord International Hospital 

Concord International Hospital (CIH) has accredited  to more than 180 visiting consultants, covering specialties from oncology, surgery, radiotherapy, detection, pathology, laboratory, etc. to lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, lymphoma, melanoma, head and neck cancer, neural cancer, gynecological cancer, urinary and male reproductive system cancer, colorectal cancer and other types of cancer. then to professionals who grasp da Vinci robotic surgery, molecular targeted therapy, immunotherapy and other latest treatment means.

The visiting consultants have professional medical certificates from world-renowned Medical Institutions such as Sheffield Medical School, Johns Hopkins University, The University of Sydney, National University of Singapore; many of them also have overseas training experiences, trained in Britain and America's top medical centers for 6-8 years, to ensure that the level of expertise meets the highest international standards.

We also have a number of world-class leading experts in cancer diagnosis, regardless in cancer diagnosis and therapy, anti-cancer drug research, clinical guidelines, and other aspects of cancer diagnosis and new therapies. Most of these experts are consultants at National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), members of the Royal College of Physicians and the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), the American Society for Neuro-Oncology (SNO), the European Society of Medical Oncology, the American Blood Association, international Association of stereotactic radiotherapy (ISRS), Singapore Cancer Society, Singapore Medical Association, a member or the Executive committee of the Radiological Society of Singapore. Due to the outstanding performance in the field of cancer, some experts also won the Singapore Health Service Award.

In addition to their clinical expertise, the visiting consultants have extensive experience and high success rate, in operating and curing of cancer. These consultants are in the forefront of cancer research, clinical trials and academic aspects with their own unique contributions, such as participation in a number of multinational pharmaceutical clinical trials and new treatment method clinical trials. They are featured in international journals with their academic articles and research published, while still lecturing in Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and Duke (NUS). These multiple involvement allow our consultants to clearly grasp cutting-edge medical technology and the latest development results, to achieve timely transformation of the latest research results in the field of cancer, which our ultimate goal is to benefit our patients at the earliest possible. 

The consultants are able to communicate compassionately. They all master at least two languages in international communications with patients, to fully provide effective, patient and meticulous communication, to the patients for their ultimate benefit.