Our Expertise


Facing  the  difficult  moments  of  suffering  from  cancer, it is  important  for  you to make a decision where receiving treatment for cancer. We know you will encounter all sorts of difficulties when traveling abroad for medical treatment. Concord International Hospital Singapore can do our best to meet your urgent needs and deep concerns, help you overcome the  psychological  pressure, specialize in cancers and give full care for each patient, achieve the smooth transition and eventually make you get the best treatment experience.

·        Focus on Cancer Treatment

Concord International Hospital  Singapore  (CIH) specialises in diagnosis and treatment of tumor, especially lung cancer, breast  cancer,  digestive  system  neoplasms,  gynecological  tumor  and  male  genitourinary tumors, melanoma. We have a strong team of  cancer  experts and accumulate many years of remedial  experiences. Based on  the beliefs  and practices of multidisciplinary  treatment, our doctors strictly insist on international advanced treatment guidelines.

     Safe and Efficient Drug Treatment Channels

Benefiting from the advantage of Singapore's drug  approval  system,  we have many kinds of anti-cancer drugs and can make sure drug safety; drug approval procedures are simple and flexible; drugs can be accessed in a short time and legally brought back to the country of destination. All these features create favorable conditions to help patients access life-saving drugs in a faster and better manner. Meanwhile, our oncologists  are  experienced  in  anti-cancer drug guidance. We also established the referral office in China to  provide  you  with  professional inquiries, guidance, consultation and other coordination services.

·    Serious and Professional Medical Services

We are proud in ourselves to provide you with serious and professional medical services. Under the guidance of the best cancer center in the United States, the definition of serious and professional mean we put every patient, every treatment, every link, every operation and every service in our hearts. We persuit excellence and constantly improve our services with strict professional standards, standard- operating procedures, and sincere service attitudes as well as practical actions which take patients as center to build the base why we are worthy of being trusted.

·         Warm Care

We provide professional and humanistic care. Every moment of strict operation and practice over the years comprise the cornerstone of warm care; the environmental design completely meets the patient's physical and mental needs; we consider ahead of what kinds of amenities patients will need and timely set up these amenities; every employee in our hospital will greet patients with sincere smiles indicating their warm and care, all of which elevate the temperature of warm care. Here, we strive to help you overcome discomfort and fear, boost confidence and fight against cancer.


Reasonable Medical Price

Though it is important that we improve the therapeutic effect and keep your life continuation and quality, how to help you spend every penny in your wallet is also our responsibility and obligation. Our reasonable price is reflected in the aspects of speed, quality and reputation, from consulting and diagnosis to the treatment of "one-stop" service concept to save your precious time; the patient-centered medical concept brings comprehensive and detailed services to you; new drugs are more likely to be accessed in a short time; the transparency of medical service prices and strict supervision can ensure your safety.