First Visit

Your First Appointment

Prepare for You Trip


Air tickets / accommodation / Visa: Depending on your travel arrangements and specific needs, our hospital will assign exclusive person to provide consulting services regarding to air tickets, hotel reservations and visa-related matters.



For the first time to our hospital, we recommend you to take Taxi or rent a limo. 

Number of persons per car

Night and peak hours

Other time

Reservation and contact number



According to the mode and time, SGD$ 30-35

According to mode and transport condition, SGD $ 23-30

Comfort or Citycab: (65) 6552 1111

Premier Taxi: (65) 6363 6888

Prime Taxi: (65) 6778 0808

SMRT Taxi Te: (65) 6555 8888

Transcab Te: (65) 6555 3333



4 seat, SGD $55/ride
7 seat, SGD $ 60/ride

Terminal 1: (65) 6543 1985

Terminal 2 – Tel: (65) 6546 1646

Terminal 3 – Tel: (65) 6241 3818 (main hotline)


Jet Lag:

Singapore and China are in the same time zone, thus there is no time difference.


Internet Services
Airport Free Wifi: Singapore Changi International Airport provides high-quality free Internet service to mobile phones or laptops user guests from various countries. In this process, you can seek help from the airport staff or people around so that you can successfully get access to network services.

Hospital Free Wifi: Our hospital provides free high quality network services. You can ask the hospital staff for Wifi password.

Prepare for Your Visit

Medical Documents Preparation
To ensure the effectiveness of diagnosis, before your treatment in Singapore we need the following documents and the original copy being mailed to our hospital or in person.
   1, preparation of disease conditions treated abroad
   2, collection of case documents
   3, disease introduction in Chinese
   4, medical translation of case records

   5, the image data being medical-professionally scanned and transmitted

Climate and Dressing Guide
Climate: Singapore’s annual average temperature is between 23-34 degrees and is with high humidity.

Dressing Guide: November to March is the rainy season in Singapore, raining gear is need when going outdoors. During this, most parts of China are winter, while Singapore is still in summer / autumn climate, it is recommended to bring light summer dress and thin-soled shoes in carry-on luggage in order to change after the plane arrives.

For the rest of the year, there is strong ultraviolet radiation, it is recommended to take good preparation from the sunburn.

Electronic Equipment
To ensure timely communication, access to information and entertainment and other purposes, you and your family can carry electronic equipment to Singapore such as mobile phones, computers, digital cameras, Ipad and so on.
Singapore’s voltage is 220 volts, but the plug is the same as the British one. All the sections in the hospital will provide the converters and multi-row socket for free.